Four Personal Branding Tips for Introverts

We haven’t had the chance to read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking but have heard good things in understanding the world of introverts. (We admit, we’re extroverts here at MediaJobsDaily so we have no problem working a room or picking up the phone and inviting a new contact out for lunch.)

That said, according to this post on Harvard Business Review, there are a few key pointers for introverts as it relates to building a network and establishing your own brand.

1. Leverage social media. For introverts who thrive on quiet contemplation, this platform can give you the opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership and exchange in virtual dialogue on your own time.

The piece pointed out, “Indeed while extroverts desperate for their next fix are trading business cards at cocktail parties, you can build a global brand on the strength of your ideas.”

2. Take it one person at a time. You, too can become a connector but just do it one person at a time. As mentioned in the piece, one woman worked at a large research hospital. She promised herself that every week she would ask a person from one of the many departments out to lunch. After a few short months, she built her internal network on “her own, quiet terms.”

3. Use subtle cues. Per the piece, psychologist Robert Cialdini suggested to place diplomas or awards on office walls to reinforce your own expertise to your network.

4. Become economical with downtime. You’ll need to schedule in thinking time. Instead of hitting up a happy hour with colleagues like extroverts may gravitate toward, you may want to recharge those batteries by strategizing your next career move or reading articles related to your industry.