4 New Shows Are Coming to TheStreet

'Purposeful viewing for investing and money'

There was one notable absence at the NewFront this morning for Jim Cramer's 19-year old publicly-traded digital financial media company TheStreet: Cramer himself. The journalist, turned lawyer, turned hedge fund manager, turned entrepreneur was at his other day job: CNBC.

Guests spent the first hour of the event at Manhattan's Yotel mingling on an outdoor terrace searching for shade, and munching on mini lobster rolls, deviled eggs, "chocolate sushi" (no, it did not contain fish) and "swine candy" — a crystallized, sugary bacon snack that was a huge hit with the crowd.

Guests were then led out of the sunshine and into an air conditioned room featuring phone-charging stations (another big hit).

Chairman and CEO Elisabeth DeMarse was the first address the crowd:

"At TheStreet TV, we are the only ones focused on purposeful viewing for investing and money. We focus solely on the needs of the investor community," said DeMarse. "Our video advertising opportunities are designed to help marketers make an emotional connection between our audiences and their brands."

Cramer appeared in a pre-taped video calling his company's video "the definitive industry meter."

TheStreet then announced four new shows:

  • Disruptors: A weekly program introducing viewers to the latest gadgets of the tech world, host by Gregg Greenberg.
  • Perspectives from Wall Street: Cramer and two other investment pros will focus on a different sector each week, offering investing ideas for individuals based on their age and risk tolerance. Viewers will get 3 stock picks: one for a 30 year old investor, one for a 45 year old investor and one for a 65 year old investor. TheStreet's editor at large Rhonda Schaffler anchors this program.
  • Financial Flex: Personal finance expert Lauren Lyons Cole hosts a monthly series that will crowdsource the names and stories of individuals from Facebook and Twitter who could benefit from some professional financial advice.
  • The Gamechangers: In this weekly series, Scott Gamm reports on up and coming entrepreneurs who are changing the world through a new invention or creative use of technology.

Guests were shown sneak previews of all four shows and the talent behind each program took the stage to discuss the project and answer questions.

"How about an actual professional video, made by terrific people, that gets to the point immediately and tells an amazing story? To do that, and to do it higher than TV quality – that is what TheStreet is doing," Cramer said in the pre-recorded video.