Four MTV 20-Somethings Say Schieffer is “Really Cool”

From L to R: Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood, Duncan Penn, Rep. Mike Quigley and Jonnie Penn (Photo credit: David Speck)

Think of it as a bucket list boy band for 20-somethings. But deeper. Specifically, four close male friends from Victoria, British Columbia who wanted to find deeper meaning in life and didn’t want their lives “buried” in the cumbersome details of daily life.

So they made a list: 100 things they want to do before they die.

Morbid, maybe. But the catch of MTV’s new documentary-style show, “The Buried Life,” is for the young men to achieve the items on their list — such as attend a party at the Playboy Mansion (two of them got in) or delivering a toast at a stranger’s wedding (find out on Monday night’s show at 10 p.m.). Each time they complete something on the list, they help a stranger complete something on his or her “bucket list.”

In the mix is an episode in Washington, D.C. to air on Feb. 22. Their goal was the not-so-simple task of playing basketball with President Obama while having zero contacts in D.C.

The guys spent five days in Washington and met extensively with Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood, who put in a plug for them at the White House. They had meetings with Reps. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) and Baron Hill (D-Ind.) as well as CBS’s Bob Schieffer, who they described as “really cool.” They met him on the set of “Face the Nation” and he gave them a quick lesson Washington’s complicated political scene.

Ben Nemtin remarked: “We were very surprised with how welcomed we were talking with congressmen and Bob Schieffer.” Duncan Penn added, “We got to meet him on the set of Face the Nation. He has been around the Washington environment for a number of years and gave us a lot of good advice. He said to talk up the town because you don’t know who knows somebody.” More from Nemtin: “He [Schieffer] has the coolest office in the world. It’s filled with photos of people he has talked to in the past 30 years. He really is just a genuinely nice guy…super down to earth and genuinely interested in the mission.”

Securing a game with Obama was difficult to say the least and the guys won’t say if it actually happened.
“It took a lot of work,” said Penn. “We were emailing and calling for months. Once we got there it was really kind of running for office. We were getting the support of who were talking to and they’d endorse us. It just sort of slowly grew.”

They only hint at what ultimately happened.

Nemtin: “I think everyone is going to be pretty surprised with what happened, especially since we didn’t know anyone. This is real.”
Penn: “It took some time, and we can’t tell you exactly what happens,but eventually we were able to pull something off.”

The show’s four characters are: Ben Nemtin, Jonnie Penn, Duncan Penn and Dave Lingwood. Check out more on “The Buried Life” here. The Washington Examiner interviewed the cast earlier this month and have other details on them. Read that here.

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The “Buried” bunch pose with Rep. Baron Hill.

The “Buried” boys meet with Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood.