Four More News Sources for Publish2 News Exchange Platform

Web-content aggregator Publish2 News Exchange announced that four new news sources are on board for its platform: nonprofit investigative-journalism site ProPublica, international news service GlobalPost, nonprofit news organization The Texas Tribune, and Texas Watchdog, another nonprofit.

ProPublica editor of news applications Scott Klein said:

We’re excited by Publish2’s idea of making the process of syndicating news stories frictionless and intuitive, and think it dovetails well with our strategy of partnering with news organizations who reach influential audiences to have real-world impact. We’re looking forward to working with them to get our stories in front of editors all over the world.

GlobalPost director of syndication Dave Underhill added:

Publish2 News Exchange provides a variety of platform options for our customers. We deliver our syndication service via RSS, but some legacy newspapers have front-end systems that aren’t designed to take in RSS feeds easily. Publish2 will allow them to integrate our story feeds with their own content and other services, which in turn makes it easier for the editors to select and use our material. Simultaneously, their online operations can ingest our RSS and create custom pages for their readers. We look forward to the growth of this service and to providing GlobalPost to new clients in partnership with Publish2.

And Texas Tribune managing editor Ross Ramsey added:

Part of The Texas Tribune’s mission is to make news and information about Texas politics and government available to everybody, including to other publications interested in our content. This ought to make that easier. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.