Four Lights Launches Defenders of Time on PC, Mac

Defenders of TimeIndependent developer Four Lights has announced the launch of Defenders of Time, its fast-paced tower defense game, on Steam. While the standard multiplayer game is available for $20, Four Lights has done something interesting, offering the entire single-player mode of the game in full, for free, via a download on the game’s website. In addition, users can invite up to three friends into the paid version of the game, for free, in order to make the game truly social for friends.

Defenders of Time is available on PC and Mac, and takes players to an alternate universe where the very fabric of time must be protected from invaders. In the game’s multiplayer version, up to eight players can play simultaneously against each other in cross-platform online play. However, if players wish to play the game alone (and more importantly, for free), they can do so as well, taking on the computer, rather than other players.

Solo players can test their skills on six maps, ranging in difficulty from “easy” to “insane,” and have access to three major tutorials to get them up to speed.

In each round of Defenders of Time, players view the battlefield from an angled overhead perspective, and build towers on the battlefield’s grid. Players can toggle the visibility of flight and ground paths, which indicate the paths enemies will travel down during combat. Each match has multiple waves of enemies and players can alter these ground paths over time by building towers in strategic locations along these paths (the paths change in real time).Defenders of TimePlayers start each game with a limited amount of money for building turrets, and will receive more money as they defeat enemies. Tower upgrades also unlock over time, and come in a variety of types (from long-range cannons to poison towers, among others). If a match lasts long enough, upgraded versions of these upgrades also become available, for players to strengthen their defenses even further. Users can sell these upgrades and towers if they’re no longer needed, or they’re short on cash.

Outside of matches, players can chat with others in real-time on the match selection menu. This counts for the game’s single-player experience as well, so gamers are never truly alone.

“Our team’s vast experience and passion for the genre has created a tower defense game that is both attractive to veterans and welcoming to newcomers,” said John Flury, CEO of Four Lights, in a statement.

Defenders of Time is available on Steam and the game’s website. To celebrate the game’s launch, the Steam download is available for 10 percent off, or $17.99, until November 11.