Four Job Hunting Tips on Cyber Monday

Okay, so we know Cyber Monday is really all about shopping for a bargain basement price on a new flat screen TV or an adorable new monogram tote bag but when it comes right down to it, why can’t it be Cyber Monday for job seekers, too?

Extra! Extra! Jobs on sale are going once, going twice…sold!

So, if you’re not as punchy as we are on this get back to work manic Monday, no worries there. That said, there are four tips to keep in mind as you search for a new job.

1. The holidays are your friend. Seriously. Do you know how many people most likely quit the job search altogether in favor of waiting until January? This reminds us of people who decide to not watch their waistlines only to wait until New Year’s to not only get rid of that spare tire but the extra five to seven pounds they gained in the interm. Do NOT abandon your job search. In fact, why not do the opposite? Befriend it! Commit to the fact that companies extend job offers between Thanksgiving and year-end. Really, they do.

2. Leverage networking opportunities. While you’re surfing for a great deal on your hard-to-buy-for Aunt Rose, why not search the job boards here at Mediabistro while you’re at it? Why should your job search take a back seat during a vital time of the year?

Search for sizzling networking opportunities – holiday parties, industry mixers, the works. Think about it: This time of year people are usually jovial, upbeat, and more happy-go-lucky than they would typically be, let’s say in the midst of January/February/March. As such, they may be more willing to help you and open to your outreach. Work it.

3. Stand out. This is yet another reason why you should pursue opportunities and create new connections. While other people are postponing the hunt until 2013, you’ll be one of the few, the lucky, the talented to remain standing. Let that speak for itself and let your persistence pay off.

4. Rethink your job search as a one-day only sale. Some deals today are literally valid only for the day. Why not take the same approach as the job you’re pursuing? Pursue it today. Don’t wait to apply or wait to send an email to your contacts to get a foot in the door. A great opportunity won’t be available for long since recruiters are typically judged on metrics such as time to fill.

They don’t want the job to be open longer than necessary and if they already have an internal candidate identified, they’ll work their hardest to close it out sooner rather than later.

So, if you see a hot “deal” when it comes to a potential job, by all means click away. Network away. And simply go for it!