Four Items to Remove From Long Resumes

ImproveJobProspectsIf your resume is approaching three pages, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Resumes, as you probably already know, should be one page or two pages at best. Going on three pages? That’s more like a dissertation.

Now, that’s not to disqualify your hard work, skills and experiences, we just wouldn’t want you to get passed over because it’s too lengthy. There are ways to sharpen and tighten it up and that includes removing four loquacious items, as per a piece we saw on U.S. News & World Report.

1. Community activities. The only time to leave community endeavors intact is when you’re switching paths and want to demonstrate you already possess coveted skills in that new area. And it could be a talking point but if your resume is already pretty long by exceeding two pages, simply include these activities in your LinkedIn profile instead. You can always bring it up during the interview without having it on your resume.

2. Coursework. If you’re a fresh college grad, by all means leave this intact since it’s relevant but if your graduated several years ago, there’s no need to include this information. It’s just taking up valuable real estate on your resume.

3. Computer skills. Know how to use PowerPoint? Good but that’s a given for the job anyway. Excel and Word, too? Join the club. Okay, we don’t want to get too snarky on you but unless there’s a highly technical skill that you possess that is highly valued by employers, you can remove typical computer skills from your resume. Again, you can always bring up your proficiency during the interview itself.

4. Hobbies. Sure, these make great conversation starters but they’re not truly relevant to the job you’re pursuing. If you’re a two-time marathon runner, congratulations! But that won’t land you the job and it’s taking up space again on that resume.