Four Executives Promoted at Atlantic Media

atlanticmedia_logo_rgb.PRAtlantic Media just announced four executive promotions. Below are the details.

  •  Tim Hartman has been promoted from president of the company’s Government Executive Media Group to CEO of Atlantic Media’s Washington divisions. Hartman will now lead the National Journal Group and the Government Executive Group. Hartman has been with Atlantic Media since 2001.
  • Poppy McDonald has been upped to publisher and co-president of National Journal. McDonald came to Atlantic Media from Politico in 2011.
  • Tim Grieve, editor of National Journal, is adding co-president to his title. Grieve also came to Atlantic Media from Politico. He has served as editor of National Journal for the past 10 months.
  • Aretae Wyler has been promoted from deputy general counsel to general counsel of Atlantic Media. Wyler joined Atlantic Media last year.