Fount Photo-Sharing App Lets You Buy Items While Browsing Pictures

Fount allows users to browse images that contain products they can purchase within the app.

Shop Your Way announced the official launch of its Fount photo-sharing and shopping application on iOS. The app allows users to browse photos and videos that contain products they can purchase within the app.

With Fount, users can share images from their camera rolls or Instagram accounts, or take pictures within the app. Users can edit each photo with filters and add hashtags and captions to their posts.

Fount Screenshots 2

When a photo contains an item someone can purchase, like a piece of clothing or furniture, users can tag the item by searching for the matching product (or a related product) within the app. Once users tag an image, its product(s) will appear alongside the image in users’ feeds. Users can tap a product to learn more about it and can purchase it within the app.

As a photo-sharing platform, users can post likes on images, and can also follow others to see their new posts in their feed.

Finally, the app allows users to search for others to follow, or search for stores, brands and products directly.

As users purchase items within the app, they can earn points through the Shop Your Way rewards program, which can be redeemed on future purchases. In addition, users can earn Shop Your Way points when items they’ve tagged in their own images are purchased by other users.

Pialy Aditya, founder of Fount and vice president of strategy and business development for Shop Your Way, told SocialTimes:

Fount is not only changing the mobile commerce and social landscapes through a truly integrated, visual shoppable experience, but it also provides incentive to influencers and direct social media ROI for brands. Users can shop images, videos and even hashtags while earning rewards. Influencers and publishers can now provide their followers with the ability to purchase recommendations in one place, and brands finally have a direct correlation between the efforts they put into their social posts and the resulting transactions.

Fount is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.