Forward-Thinking Newspaper Signs Up Culture Editor

There are fewer and fewer (and still fewer) jobs in the media world. Except, of course, if you happen to be an Emmy-winning British freelance culture writer. Then, the world — of at the very least a certain Jewish newspaper of record — is your oysterlox.

Dan Friedman is the new arts and culture editor at The Forward, “America’s most influential Jewish weekly newspaper.” The former Ali G. Show writer and founding associate editor of Zeek will lend his “extensive Jewish cultural experience” to the publication.

In recent months, both Esquire and Gawker have also signed up new culture writers. Ladies and gents, that’s a trend!


Former Zeek Editor and Ali G. Show Writer Joins America’s Most Influential Jewish Weekly Newspaper

NEW YORK — Oct 29, 2008 — The Forward, America’s most influential Jewish newsweekly, today announced it had named Dan Friedman as its new arts and culture editor.

Freidman was a founder and associate editor of Zeek, an award-winning online journal that represents, defines, and creates New Jewish Culture through intelligent, thought-provoking articles from rabbis and professors to emerging artists, musicians, and poets.

He is also well known for his work on the British Emmy Award-winning Ali G. Show, starring Hollywood personality, director and movie star, Sacha Baron Cohen.

As a freelance writer, Freidman has contributed to a number of Jewish publications including the Forward on Jewish culture, books, architecture, photography, and media.

In announcing his appointment, Forward Editor Jane Eisner said, “Dan’s well-earned list of academia, publishing, education, and journalism achievements qualify him as the ideal person for this exciting, creative role. His extensive Jewish cultural experience as well as television and comedy writing ensure he will deliver fresh, lively perspective and insights in the section.”

“I’m honored to be part of a newspaper that has truly earned its place in history as a revered and time-honored testament to Jewish life and culture,” Friedman says. “I’m thrilled to contribute my knowledge and experience to this organization, which I believe will continue to be the most influential voice in the American Jewish community, and a continued source of guidance for Jews of all ages.”

Friedman has taught poetry, literature, and film at Cambridge and Yale, and has published various scholarly articles on those topics, as well as photography. He received a PhD in Comparative Literature from Yale University and an MA in English Literature from the University of Cambridge.

His first book, Forbears, is due in 2009

In addition to his academic and journalistic achievements, Friedman has performed on-stage comedy in London comedy clubs with Sacha Baron Cohen.

Friedman, who was born in Leeds, England, currently resides in New York with his wife and two daughters.