‘Fortune’ Releases Best Companies to Work For List Regarding Massive Hiring Sprees

ribbonAnd the winner is…Ernst and Young!

Fortune has released its list of the best employers to work for this year. We have to admit, we were pretty surprised to find Google listed in the eighth spot. That is, until we realized the significance of this particular list.

Technically, Google has landed in the numero uno spot in Fortune’s list however this particular round up entails companies looking to make more than 1,000 hires in 2014. 

Considering Google currently has more than 4,000 current openings, that’s a great sign for job seekers. Kyle Ewing, the head of global staffing programs for Google, told Fortune:

“At Google, we’re looking for people who seek to work on challenges that have a big impact on the world and for our users. Candidates are encouraged to show us how they’ve led, problem-solved, disrupted, and maybe captained a moonshot or two in their past experiences. We value candidates with a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, and careers at Google; we want people who are good at lots of things and truly reflect the diversity of our users.”

Without further delay, here is the list:

1. Ernst and Young

2. Deloitte

3. Intel



6. Marriott International

7. PricewaterhouseCoopers

8. Google

9. Nordstrom

10. Capital One