Fortune, Money Spinoff From

Both titles finally have stand-alone sites

Time Inc. has been undergoing some major restructuring in anticipation of its split from Time Warner, now just days away. But there are some changes within the brands, too. Take, for instance, Fortune and Money, which until today had their digital properties integrated with CNN under CNNMoney. Now, the titles are severing ties with CNN and spinning off into their own single-brand sites. As of this morning, and are finally getting their very own online homes.

“[CNNMoney] subordinated the Fortune and Money brands,” said Jed Hartman, group publisher of Time, Fortune and Money. “It prevented us from having a digital identity,” added Fortune editor Andy Serwer. While only 20 percent of CNNMoney content came from the Fortune and Money brands, they drove a large part of the site’s traffic—in fact, eight of the top 15 traffic days on CNNMoney in 2013 were driven by the release of Fortune and Money franchise lists.

Both sites used the redesigned platform as a jumping-off point, said the brands’ head of product, Daniel Bernard. That means more prominent video, a continuous scroll story feed in which the URL changes with the article (as does the ad on the stationary left rail) and easier navigation.

Fortune has made 24 new digital hires in anticipation of the site’s launch and will now have a 24/7 news desk with editors in New York, San Francisco and London. Expect to see 90 new pieces of content daily. The new site will allow users to go more in-depth into the brand’s franchises, like the Fortune 500 (the 2014 list launches tomorrow) and Best Companies to Work For, with list filters and company pages featuring live market data and news feeds.

Money, which has seven new digital hires, will increase its focus on everyday finance issues like consumer culture, spending, workplace and family. There will be more sharable content, too, like quizzes and videos. For example, in keeping with this month’s cover story on Love and Money, the site will feature a Newlywed Game-inspired video series with a finance-focused twist and a “Which TV Couple Are You?” quiz, both of which could also conveniently cross over with Time Inc.’s women’s service titles. will take the place of’s money vertical, which, Matters said, will help attract a larger audience.

On the ad side, the sites’ new platforms will allow them to experiment with flashy units like full-page and magnetic ads, in which the sidebar and main article ads link up and interact. Most of the sites’ ads have been moved from the right to the left rails for prime viewability, and both sites will also feature a new native ad platform, Content From, which gives advertisers like VSP and Siemens access to the same CMS tools as the site’s editors. launch sponsors include Manpower Group, Oppenheimer Funds, Symantec; FORTUNE 500 specific- Accenture, E*Trade Financial, Porsche, Workday, while has signed Allianz and Discover. 

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