Formspring Question Service Gets Funding Boost and Adds New Features

Formspring has shown that it is a force to be reckoned with. With impressive traffic numbers, new venture capital and the launch of new features, Formspring could be the Twitter of 2011.

Formspring, a social network that allows you to pose questions to your social networks, has raised $11.5 million in funding and is steadily rising to become one the highest trafficked web sites in the U.S., currently sitting at #157 according to Quantcast. Since launching in November of 2009, it has amassed a high of nearly 40 million unique visitors per month.

Q&A sites have been on the rise in recent months. Companies like Quora, LinkedIn Answers and AnswerBag have been successful in humanizing the search for real answers to questions. But what Formspring does differently, is that instead of posing questions in public forums on a variety of topics, you get the opportunity to strengthen your social connections by inviting friends to ask questions about yourself. So the next time you log into the site, your presented with list of pending questions from others that you can answer. If you have a bustling and active social network, you’ll be surprised to see a lot of people wanting to find out more about you. Even if you don’t have a strong following, you can answer random questions and share trivia about yourself that others might not know about.

With the recent announcement of funding the company has also released new features for the product, including launching a new social button that can be embedded into websites called a “Respond’ button, similar to the Facebook “Like” button but more interactive. It allows content creators to pose questions so users can respond to questions related to the article. When submit, the response appears on their Formspring profile with a link back to the original site.