Former WWD Publisher Is Set To Launch His Own Apparel Trade

specialty_insider.pngThe former senior vice president and group publisher of Women’s Wear Daily has founded his own media company, with the fledgling company’s first title to launch by the end of the month.

Ralph Erardy’s Insider Communications Group will launch Specialty Insider, targeting specialty apparel retailers, Jan. 25 with a circulation of 15,000.

Erardy lost his job at WWD in 2008 due to a restructuring at parent company Condé Nast. Insider Communications Group is staffed with “a team of experienced fashion, apparel and retailing journalists, many of whom Erardy worked with earlier in his career” and the sales team consists of former WWD employees as well.

It always makes us happy to hear about new launches, especially ones that get laid-off media people back to work.