Former White House Press Secretary Heads to Amazon

Jay Carney follows David Plouffe into corporate communications.


When Jay Carney stepped down as the White House press secretary in 2014 and made way for still-new guy Josh Earnest, many observers guessed that he would move on to a top comms position in the tech industry.

They were correct.

Today Politico’s Mike Allen got the scoop: Carney will join Amazon on Monday as SVP for worldwide corporate affairs. The company’s PR chief Craig Berman and VP of Public Policy (aka top lobbyist) Paul Misener will report to Carney and he will report directly to Jeff Bezos himself.

Amazon had long been part of a short list of potential new employers for Carney: when we interviewed an “Apple insider” back in September 2014, our contact said he would be perfect to replace departed PR chief Katie Cotton because Tim Cook “needs someone like Carney who can see things from a more international perspective.”

So does Jeff Bezos. And, as Politico’s Tony Romm notes, other tech giants had the same idea:

He’s referring, of course, to Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, who is now Senior VP of Policy and Strategy at Uber.

It’s not yet clear whether Plouffe will succeed in his attempts to convince the public that Uber is a good thing for society at large; Carney’s efforts to do the same with Amazon may be even less successful.

Uber did recently add us to its mailing list, so we’ve seen more headlines regarding its various CSR initiatives and shameless stunts in recent weeks.

Amazon will need to do a bit more than that.