Former WABC Weather Personality Heidi Jones Indicted on Fake Sex Claim

The on again, off again saga of one-time WABC/Channel 7 weather forecaster Heidi Jones took a dramatic turn Friday.

The Daily News reports Jones was indicted by a grand jury for falsifying a sexual attack claim in Central Park.

Prosecutors, though, rarely seek indictments for lower crimes.

Paul Callan, Jones’ lawyer, tells FishbowlNY, ” I most assuredly know what the decision to indict Heidi Jones means: It means that there appears to be a double standard for the prosecution of misdemeanors in New York County…
The double standard is an unconstitutional disgrace. I will move to
dismiss the indictment immediately.”

Callan told the Daily News that the case was presented to the grand jury without his knowledge.

Last fall, Jones, whose star was on the rise at ABC (filling-in with weather reports at Good Morning America), claimed she was attacked. Thereafter, Jones did an about face–saying it wasn’t true. She admitted that her initial report to police was made up due to stress.

She is scheduled to be arraigned on June 29.