Former UnBeige Editors Make Good, Release Books


We feel like absolute louts for not having mentioned this earlier, but yesterday at the office, we saw a copy of Chronicle‘s new City Walks Architecture: New York sitting out, likely having just arrived, when we thought, “Hey, isn’t that the project Alissa was working on?” Lo and behold, it was the work of dearly departed UnBeige editor Alissa Walker. It’s been out for over a month now and we really should have told you about it sooner, as it’s a thing of beauty. From the skyscraper shaped box to the design of the individual booklets giving you tours through all of New York, along with Alissa’s great, fun writing and stellar photographs, it’s a thing you much purchase immediately, even if you live somewhere that maybe isn’t directly in the city proper, like Oklahoma or New Zealand. But if you can’t immediately leave work to go find a copy, we recommend you hit up Alissa’s site for this look at the whole amazing package. And so we don’t repeat this process of two-months too late and upset any other former editors, we’re telling you several days in advance that UnBeige 2.0 editor, the wonderful Eva Hagberg, will be releasing her book Dark Nostalgia next week. It takes a look at the practice of blending historic detail into modern interiors and it looks splendid. But we promise to give her book the full report once it’s out and we have it in our sweaty little hands. And before you ask, no, we current editors don’t have a book coming out just yet. For some reason publishers still haven’t understood the brilliance of Lamar Alexander Versus the Frog People. One day.