Former ‘Sun’ Editor Sues News Corp. Subsidiary for Wrongful Dismissal

Matt Nixson was fired in July

Matt Nixson, the former head of features for the British Sun newspaper, is suing the tabloid’s owner, News Group Newspapers, and four people who are investigating the phone hacking scandal on behalf of News Corp. for wrongful dismissal and breach of contract, the Guardian reported. Nixson was fired from the Sun last summer over allegations of “serious misconduct” and during his time as deputy features editor of News of the World, where he worked from 2005 to 2010.

In documents filed at the U.K. high court, Nixson claims that he wasn’t involved in any illegal activity at News of the World and that his innocence would have been proved by a full disciplinary hearing. He also argues that News Corp.'s independent management and standards committee doesn’t have the power to fire News Group employees.

Nixson is seeking more than £100,000 (or $157,840) in damages from the lawsuit, which targets News Corp. executives Will Lewis and Simon Greenberg, the corporation’s chief lawyer Jeffrey Palker, and the independent chairman of its management and standards committee, Lord Grabiner. He claims that he will have trouble finding a new job “given the stigma attached to his dismissal and the imputation that he was involved in or otherwise associated with the phone hacking activities or other criminal newsgathering activities of the News of the World,” the documents state.

In September, after the Metropolitan police said that Nixson would not be arrested or questioned in relation to the hacking investigation, Nixson filed an employment tribunal complaint against News Group for unfair dismissal. That tribunal is reportedly on hold while his latest lawsuit moves forward.