Former Staffers Win $70,000 Claim Against Now-Defunct District Weekly

It was heartbreaking when the upstart Long Beach alt-weekly District Weekly folded last March. More for some, apparently, than others. Six former employees successfully brought a claim against the paper for unpaid salary and vacation pay.

OC Weekly has the story:

After an Aug. 26 hearing in Long Beach, the California Labor Commission on Oct. 12 issued six separate judgments that found Seven Days Publishing, LLC, owes the six employees a total of $69,657.14, according to a statement from former District Weekly senior editors Theo Douglas and Dave Wielenga.

“I feel vindicated,” Wielenga says in the statement. “I understand that businesses close because they run out of money, but I think we were misled and treated unfairly. It is satisfying to have our sense of injustice officially validated.”

A freelancer is also still suing the paper for what he says are $1,360 in unpaid dues.