Former NSA Chief Compares ISIS Air Strikes to ‘Friends with Benefits’

nsa_logoOne of the fundamental tactics for any flack is writing talking points ahead of interviews. This isn’t purely “spin”, by the way — but clients do sometimes get skittish during on-the-air talks. The prep sheet, then, is like a security blanket minus Elmo.

Because of that perfunctory aspect of PR, it’s always easy to tell which clients don’t have proper talking points. When it happens, you sometimes hurt for the spokesperson (a little).

At other times, though, you laugh so hard that you pee (again, a little).

The latter happened when former NSA and CIA major domo Gen. Michael Hayden went viral for all the wrong reasons while discussing ISIS and air strikes.

Thanks to CNN, the bottom third says it all…

michael hayden cnn

Apparently, this is a talking point Hayden began sharing with U.S. News & World ReportPresident Obama’s plan to try and bomb ISIS out of Syria instead of sending in ground troops has “all of the attraction of casual sex.”

It seems to offer gratification but with very little commitment. We need to be wary of a strategy that puts emphasis on air power and air power alone.

Sure, drones don’t equal “shacking up”, but we have to wonder: what kind of “dates” is this guy meeting at the club?!