Former ‘NOTW’ Hollywood Reporter Arrested

Could he have tapped phones in the U.S.?

The scandal continues. The latest News of the World news: The tabloid’s former U.S.-based Hollywood reporter James Desborough is in hot water with Scotland Yard.

After arriving at a London police station this morning for questioning about criminal activities at the newspaper, Desborough was arrested on suspicion of “conspiring to intercept communications,” reports the Guardian. The allegations are said to be connected to events prior to his promotion to the paper’s Los Angeles office.

The fact that he eventually moved to the U.S. raises some serious issues. If he did, for instance, illegally tap phones in the U.K, authorities might question whether he continued to do so after relocating to Los Angeles—and whether this would make him the first (or only) NOTW reporter to bring phone hacking across the Atlantic.

During his career at NOTW, Desborough was regularly admired for his impressive scoops, while celebrity news site praised his “seem[ing] to have information that not even close family members…know,” according to the Guardian