Former MSNBC Exec Launches “Media Strategy” Firm


Dan Abrams, former anchor and GM for MSNBC is getting into the PR game. The Wall Street Journal‘s Rebecca Dana reports:

Want good press? Hire a journalist. That’s Dan Abrams’s pitch. The former general manager of MSNBC is launching a media-strategy firm, Abrams Research, to help business executives navigate public-relations challenges — from major acquisitions to bothersome bloggers to outright scandals.

The firm’s chief selling point will be a network of media insiders whose advice is available in exchange for an hourly fee. Mr. Abrams has assembled a roster of “thousands” of such professionals, he says, with the aid of former Huffington Post media writer Rachel Sklar. The firm has already signed its first client: billionaire investor Ronald Perelman.

Abrams tells PRNewser, “This has been something I have thought about for over a year. It has taken on many shapes and forms but I am convinced this model is the best one particularly during this period of economic uncertainty.”

While some have hinted at potential conflict of interest issues, Abrams insists the firm will play by the rules. “No Forbes reporter, for example, is going to be part of a panel on how to get better media coverage from Forbes. Its not happening. Period. We have contracts for prospective network members that require the disclosure of even a possible conflict which we intend to enforce vigorously. Finally I think in the end if its bad for “journalism” its bad for my business,” he said.

Abrams Research has announced strategic partnerships with The Abernathy Macgregor Group and Dan Klores Communications.

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