Former McGraw-Hill CEO Dies at 92

Harold W. McGraw, Jr., who spent eight years as CEO of publishing giant McGraw-Hill, passed away this morning.

McGraw’s tenure at the company saw a doubling of revenue and a tripling of per-share profits, and he helped the company’s Standard & Poor’s division cement its status as a premier credit ratings agency. Perhaps his most notable achievement at the helm of McGraw-Hill was his stewardship of the company through an attempted hostile takeover by American Express in 1979. He served as CEO from 1975 to 1983.

“My father was a passionate and principled leader, who led McGraw-Hill with an educator’s heart and an insistence that the underlying principles guiding the company since its founding in 1888 – integrity, quality, value and excellence – would endure,” said Harold McGraw III, the current McGraw-Hill CEO, in a statement.

McGraw-Hill currently publishes trade magazines under its Avaiation Week group, issues consumer ratings under J.D. Power & Associates, and owns several local ABC affiliate stations. The company also published BusinessWeek for 80 years before selling it to Bloomberg in October 2009.