Former Mayor Koch Bequeaths $100,000 to Loyal Secretary

And now for something completely different. When we heard about this, it made us think how co-workers truly become like family members.

Case in point: Before New York City’s former mayor Edward Koch passed away, he wanted to gift his secretary of almost four decades!

Sure, his sister’s three sons stand to inherit a sizable piece of his $10 million fortune as per his will but his admin assistant, Mary Garriganwill also receive a gift from her former boss.

That is, to the tune of $100,000! Garrigan worked as a secretary for his Congressional office in 1975 and continued to remain his secretary up until his death. Maybe it’s due to the fierce loyalty and trust that was built over the years but it just goes to show how long lasting professional relationships begin in the office and may impact someone’s life.

His former press secretary told The New York Times, “She knew everything and she never spoke about anything.”

Handling his day-to-day work, instead of cashing in on the access she had to the mayor, she consistently avoided publicity and kept her nose to the grindstone.

A political advisor added, “She was family to him.” Therefore, proving the case that employees become more than just employees when there’s a connection and bond that penetrates.