Former Getty Curator, Marion True, Escapes Jail Time


Well even though Karol Wright has her job, Marion True is breathing a little easier this morning. Not only was she indicted for illegally buying objects in Greece for the Getty Museum in LA, she was also canned from her position as the antiquities curator there for doing just that. But now the court in Athens has dismissed the charges against her, saying the statue of limitations on the crimes had expired. So while it’s not a full acquittal, at least she isn’t going to be sentenced to ten years of hard labor. However, she’s still facing charges in Italy for the same thing, so it’s just one day at the a time. One day at a time. Here’s some from the really interesting story in the LA Times about how all the criminality (or otherwise) went down:

The decision ends the most serious troubles facing True in Greece, which, along with Italy, has accused the former curator of knowingly purchasing looted antiquities, a charge she has denied.

Pending is an investigation of several artifacts of minor value found in True’s Greek vacation home during a raid in April 2006. In Rome, True remains on trial for allegedly trafficking in antiquities looted from Italy.

Over the past year, the Getty has returned the funerary wreath and three other items to Greece and agreed to send 40 more ancient objects back to Italy, conceding it was the right thing to do.