Former Foursquare Engineer Poached By Facebook

This week, Facebook picked up former Foursquare engineer, Nathan Folkman according to Business Insider.

Seems the technology revolving door has turned again. Yesterday we told you how former Gmail creator and Facebook CTO Paul Buchheit was leaving Facebook in order to become a partner at YCombinator, the Silicon Valley startup funding firm.

But Facebook HR isn’t coming out empty handed this week. They’ve picked up Foursquare engineer, Nathan Folkman according to Business Insider.

Folkman’s LinkedIn profile states he was at Foursquare for a little over a year where he served as the Head of Operations. Before working at Foursquare, Folkman worked as a systems architect at Betaworks for two years, and at AOL for more than seven years on their web team.

It is possible he joined Facebook to work on Facebook Places, or maybe he’ll be working on their new places powered deal service released this month? We can only speculate at this point.

It’s unclear why Folkman left Foursquare, but maybe he made the right choice. When Facebook announced their deals services last week many argued that this would be the end of Foursquare since it actually gives users a reason to check-in to places.

Instead of speculating what you all thought, we took a reader poll. Find out what you told us, and if you didn’t take the poll tell us which company – Folkman’s former or current – you think will come out on top.