Former Fortune Editor Joins LinkedIn as New Economy Editor

Caroline Fairchild is one of three new editors LinkedIn has hired to help shape the future of business journalism and expand its content vision around the world.

Caroline Fairchild announced recently that she would be leaving her post at Fortune and joining the LinkedIn editorial team in March. In her announcement, Fairchild wrote about taking risks and being part of something new at LinkedIn:

LinkedIn’s been around for 11 years and today publishes more than 50,000 posts a week (that’s roughly 10 NYT’s per day) — but the publishing platform is still an infant, debuting widely less than a year ago. The rules and roles are being defined and redefined daily; experimenting is a constant.

Indeed, for much of its history, LinkedIn was a digital resume and a destination for job hunting. While the site still hosts job listings across many industries, in recent years, LinkedIn has expanded its content offerings, to provide its members with information for doing their jobs better.

The content falls into three categories:

  • Promoted business content: These are the stories from big publishers that matter most to business professionals.
  • LinkedIn Influencers: This is an invite only program wherein the 500 of the top business minds post content to the site in a blog format.
  • Member content: LinkedIn members English speaking countries are able to publish content to the site in a blog format.

Since launching its content programs, LinkedIn has also been building a team of editors to curate the content, work with influencers to develop content and keep their finger on the pulse of what’s trending online.

Fairchild wrote idealistically about being able to shape the future of business journalism as the New Economy Editor:

At LinkedIn, I’ll have an opportunity to become a key architect of the future of business journalism. While I may be unsure what that future looks like, I look forward to playing an active role in creating it.

Fairchild is just one of the recent editorial hires. Also being added to the team are Ramya Venugopal, who will oversee the content focused on business in India, and Maya Pope-Chappell, who will be in charge of education and millennial content.

According to LinkedIn executive editor Dan Roth, growing the editorial team is part of growing the site’s content reach around the world. He told SocialTimes:

Caroline’s a daily read of mine; Ramya is a well known figure covering the Indian economy and start-up world; and Maya has her pulse on what’s being shared and talked about in the business world. Publishers and professionals will continue to benefit by having this team creating, curating and encouraging global articles, videos and shares.

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