Former ‘Early Show’ Producer Joins Gawker as PR Manager

Kevin Prince has joined Gawker Media as PR manager. Previously, Prince was a producer CBS’ The Early Show and has worked with MSNBC.

According to the memo from Gawker head Nick Denton, Prince will be using his TV know-how to promote the company’s bloggers to TV producers.

“Producers will soon be able to view a trending story on Gawker, Gizmodo, Jezebel, or any of the other entities, and have a direct contact to the expert, and video and photos associated with it,” Prince told us via e-mail.

The effort will coincide with the new layout that will soon be launched. Although Prince emphasized that while the redesign is good for promotional purposes, “the talent is here.”

Prince can be reached at The memo is after the jump.

We used to think PR was for losers, that our stories sold themselves.

It’s true when sites are small that word of mouth is often more effective than PR — but we’re beyond that point.
So, welcome Kevin Prince, our new PR manager. He’ll be doing for our presence on TV what Chris Mascari has done in social media.
Kevin was a producer at MSNBC and the Early Show on CBS. He knows our sites pretty well already — and the needs of TV producers.
Many sites had a higher profile on television last year than ever before.
Jason Chen was woken up by the Today Show. Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor made The View. AJ was all over television for the Favre scoop.
But we could be more systematic.
We’re putting together a list of people for TV from each site. We’ll be sending out a promo reel to producers. Wait for the tap on the shoulder — or tell your site lead if you’re particularly enthusiastic about putting yourself out there.
The TV offensive will coincide with the launch of the new video-centric layout at the end of the month.
Say hi to Kevin! He’s more friendly than you’d think from this wary baby-holding stance: