Former Domino Staffers Sell Leftovers

domino_cover.jpg When the magazine we were working for folded, the thought of selling all our accumulated swag for a few extra bucks naturally came up. But that sad little rummage sale would never have been able to compete with the Greenwich Village tag sale being organized by former staffers of the dearly departed shelter magazine Domino.

Former editors and friends have collected leftover props like a French 18th-century farm stool (on sale for $90), textiles and chairs to sell alongside the contents of their storerooms and closets.

None of this seems too surprising in the current economic climate, but we were confused by a comment former Domino editor-in-chief Deborah Needleman made to The New York Times. She revealed she would be selling some of her clothes, including luxe pieces by Lanvin, Prada and Chloe or “fancy party frocks from a nice former life I happily don’t have anymore.”

Are you happy to be unemployed? Happy not to have to dress up any more? Deborah, please explain. Another question: who gets to keep the cash for stuff that was probably given to the magazine for free?

And if you find yourself in the Village on Saturday, let us know what you find.

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