Former Correspondent Brian Rooney Speaks About the Carnage at ABC News

Franklin Avenue and Variety scribe Michael Schneider spoke with recently downsized ABC News correspondent Brian Rooney about what the mood was like in the office leading up to the recent layoffs — which gutted about 25 percent of the ABC News workforce. Rooney’s answer is about what you would expect.

The mood not just here in Los Angeles, but all over ABC News is dark. Friends are disappearing and few people know whether they will have a job or what their job might be at the end of this. Just as an observer, aside from my personal interest, I have never seen a corporate reorganization as drastic and immediate as this. It will have unintended consequences. They will and already have lost people they want to keep. But the amazing thing — I just love journalists — these people will do their jobs until they are told to leave the building.

But I want to say I do think, despite how hard this is for me, David Westin is trying to save ABC News from extinction. There are aspects to this that for him, must be devastating.

Variety currently sequesters its blogs behind its experimental paywall, so check out an abbreviated version of Schneider’s interview at Franklin Avenue.