Former Clinton Spokesperson Given Blog, Name Already Taken


Howard Wolfson, former Communications Director for the Hillary Clinton campaign, current Fox News contributor, and also possibly most well known for wearing “interesting” sweaters such as the one shown above, has been given a blog on PR for The New Republic titled, “The Flack.”

The thing is, that blog name has already been taken – for a while – by Publicity Club of New York President and Flatiron Communications Founder Peter Himler.

Writes Himler on his blog, also called The Flack:

I doubt I have any legal recourse for his blatant brand theft, even though my blog has been up and running for three-and-a-half years (versus his three-and-a-half weeks). Still, do you blame me for being a bit miffed by the hubris of Mr. Wolfson. Could it have been the same hubris that sank Hillary’s campaign?

Where is the PRNewser legal team when we need them? Does Himler have a leg to stand on? We agree with him that the chances for a Wolfson re-name are slim.