Former Abramoff Payola Journo Doug Bandow Lands on HuffPo/AOL Front Page

The name wouldn’t ring a bell to most, but The eXiled boys were cruising HuffPo over the weekend when they noticed a strange byline gracing the site’s front page: Doug Bandow. The eXiled immediately recognized the name as the former Cato Institute fellow who took cash from Jack Abramoff to place reactionary op-eds in various media outlets across the country. Bandow was paid upwards of $2,000 an article to write pieces that would benefit the interests of Abramoff’s clients.

Bandow resigned from Cato after his payola scheme went public a few years back, but it looks like he’s found his way back to the think tank. And to the front page of a site that used to represent itself as the bastion of liberal politics on the Internet. Nice.

Incidentally, for those checking, as of this morning, Bandow’s piece had been removed from the front page. But FishbowlLA, along with The eXiled reporters, did see it up there over the weekend.