Former 2K Games Developers Launch Console Caliber iOS Action Game EPOCH

Uppercut Games, founded by former 2K Games (XCOM, BioShock 2) staff, has made good on its plan to release its first iOS title, EPOCH, on Apple App Store. Announced in July of this year, EPOCH is an action title that the company has been trumpeting as an example of triple-A, console-quality gaming on mobile platforms.

Set in a dystopian future world, EPOCH casts players as a lone combat robot doing battle with other mechanized creations across a ruined cityscape. Rather than afford players free movement through the game’s levels, its designers opted to create an “on rails” gameplay mechanic, similar to that used in Chair’s hit Infinity Blade, which guides them through action set pieces.

Without having to focus on their character’s every movement, players are left open to choreographing their shooting and moving them between points of safe cover in the environment. Players simply brush the targeting crosshairs over enemies in order to aim and fire, and make smooth swiping motions with their finger to flip, vault and slide from point to point when not unloading bullets. Split-second timing can be used to successfully dodge bullets, and players are able to deploy countermeasures.

The game puts a focus on replaying levels multiple times in order to achieve higher scores and earn more scrap from fallen foes that is used to upgrade the player’s robot and weapons. Unlocking new abilities and increasing firepower becomes crucial to progressing further into the game.

EPOCH makes use of Game Center for sharing the player’s high scores with friends around the world. The title also features a number of achievements to unlock.

Uppercut Games is a privately-funded company formed in 2011 by Andrew James, Ed Orman, and Ryan Lancaster, formerly of 2K Games, where the served as art director, lead designer, and senior programmer, respectively. The developer, based in Queanbeyan, Australia, has licensed Epic Games’ Unreal Engine for its first commercial title. Before forming Uppercut Games, the trip had been working on 2K Games’ upcoming XCOM for consoles and PC.

EPOCH sells for $5.99 and is a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It includes special visual enhancements for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Since its release on November 10, the title has reached No. 37 on the App Store’s best-selling iPhone games chart and No. 10 on the paid iPad games chart. It is also being featured as Apple’s iPhone and iPad game of the week.

You can follow EPOCH’s progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.