Forgot an Important Phone Number? Just Dial Their Twitter Name

It’s happened to you: your phone is dead or temporarily lost, and you can’t access your phone book to make the call you need to make. You could call your mom or your best friend, but you really don’t know anyone else’s number by heart. Well, there’s a brand new service that connects your phone number to your Twitter user name, so anyone looking to call you will be able to do it without knowing your number.

Go800 is quite an ingenious service, and so simple we can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. It ties your phone number (cell, home, Google, Skype… any toll-free number you use) to your Twitter name, so anyone looking to reach you can do so without having to know your number.

This makes it infinitely easier to connect with new faces at conferences. And think of how cool it would be to tell someone you just met they can call you “@yourname” instead of giving them a phone number.

Go800 requires that you authenticate your Twitter username so that others can’t squat or steal yours. Once this is set up, you can begin to receive calls from people who “dial” your Twitter name.

To reach you, your caller simply texts your Twitter username to 46800 (or Go800). Their phone will then ring as though they dialed your number, and they will be put on hold until the call is connected. On the receiving end, your phone will ring like normal, and you’ll even be able to see their caller ID – you won’t even know that they’re calling you from Go800.

For now, you can use Go800 free of charge, up to 100 minute a month. Businesses or individuals looking for more minutes can purchase a plan.

For those concerned with privacy (as we all should be), Go800 has options that allow filtering of who can reach you via your Twitter name and who cannot. You can set your privacy options to allow everyone to reach you, no one, or create a whitelist of certain numbers.