Forget Spidey Vision: Check Out Superman With a GoPro

Also, the secret to viral success might be tight pants

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman with a GoPro?

Corridor Digital shows us what it would be like if the DC superhero strapped on a helmet cam and went about his day. You'll see Kal-El save a woman from a buring building and fight criminals, all without breaking a sweat. The clip was shot thanks to some impressive drone work combined with movie magic special effects.

For those of you who enjoyed the first Yoga Pants Prank, good news: There’s a sequel. Once again, FouseyTube’s brave host dons a pair of the skin tight workout pants to show off his best assets. This time, he takes his antics on the run and to the beach. 

Take a gander at this week’s top 10:

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