Forget Facebook, C-SPAN Revenge Works

The Daily Caller has uncovered a C-SPAN 2 Book TV segment in which a guy goes after his ex-girlfriend. It starts getting good around 3:30, but the saga builds from the onset. The book discussed is conservative author and National Review Online contributor Jonah Goldberg’s Proud to be Right.

Todd Seavey, Former Editor, American Council on Science and Health goes off on his fellow panelist and ex-girlfriend Helen Rittlemeyer: “I probably should probably confess Helen and I dated for two years. It might come as a surprise .. because there are probably some people in this room who also dated Helen duringthose two years given how tumultuous things got.”

Both Seavey and Rittlemeyer contributed to Goldberg’s book. Daily Caller got Seavey’s and Rittlemeyer’s nerdy takes on the icy exchange.

He said: “Helen often lies…”

She said: “As a matter of policy I don’t comment on my personal life…”