Forever 21’s Plus Size Instagram Account Getting Backlash

Gurl, is your body from McDonald's? Because I'm loving it.

Several weeks ago, trendy, fast fashion retailer Forever 21 dedicated a new Instagram account to its plus-size shoppers called Forever21Plus.

Seems innocent enough. Not all shoppers look alike,  and if you’re not a size 2, it’s nice to see your models with your body type.

Forever 21 kicked off the account with Ashley Graham, Sports Illustrated’s first-ever plus-sized model.

And while she is a beautiful woman, as are many so-called “plus-sized” women, shoppers have been irate because the selected grams feature women who are not “plus enough.”

The shot featured above and this staged set-up below were enough to cause some serious angst because, in the words of one upset commenter, “These women look average, not plus!”

From left to right: Plus models Anita Marshall, Bree Kish and Denise Bidot (for Forever 21: Courtesy, PlusModelMag)

Most people agree.

The models of today look like they need to forget the salad and mix in a sandwich. These women look, well, normal. The days of Botox-filled, Collagen-puffed, tummy-tucked, stick women are over.

Forever 21’s Plus Collection begins at Size 12. Unfortunately, the women featured in the threads appear to start at size 6. Once the outcry became so loud, it was impossible to ignore, Forever 21’s vp of merchandising Linda Chang responded to Digiday, who broke this story, with the following:

“We always appreciate our customers reaching out when they have a concern and therefore have removed some of the images and are working to ensure all of our future posts accurately represent the Forever 21 Plus customer.

As a majority of the content on our social media accounts are user generated by our loyal customers, we encourage them to continue to share their own photos to provide a true representation of our clothing, embracing beauty in all shapes and sizes.”

Unfortunately, at the moment, that shape is a big zero in terms of the PR support Forever 21 is getting.