Reporter Goes Deep Into Forest Lawn Mausoleum

There’s no better way to get a handle on the celebrity corners of Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale than to take the guided tour with “grave hunter” Jayne Osborne and her boyfriend Mark Masek, who has written several books about the 300-acre burial ground’s DOA-listers.

So, for the first of a two-part series in the Glendale News Press, that’s just what reporter Liana Aghajanian did. She gained entrance to the locked down Great Mausoleum and dead-name drops like there’s no tomorrow: Harold Lloyd, Jean Harlow, Clark Gable and others are mentioned.

Arguably the best aspect of Aghajanian’s article is the cliffhanger final paragraph:

The nostalgia sets in, but not for long, as we come upon a vault containing the cremains of a woman connected to an 80-year-old mystery unearthed in 2010 involving a nurse from Scotland, a steamer trunk, and the mummified remains of two babies wrapped in LA Times newspapers from the 1930s.

How can you not want to come back for part two on March 13, to see if there might be more details about that gruesome Forest Lawn chapter?

[Cover of Masek’s Remains to Be Seen: Cumberland House Press]