Boasts Record Month

Who says journalism is dead?  Certainly not Susan Glasser and the folks at Foreign Policy.  On the second anniversary of the new, Glasser celebrated a record-setting month for the website.  With traffic totaling 2 million unique visitors and 13.4 million pageviews,  FP‘s dot com was up by more than 1300% from January ’09 when the struggling site claimed only a few hundred thousand visitors and less than a million pageviews.  Not too shabby.

See Glasser’s celebratory internal memo after the jump.

What a great way to celebrate the second anniversary of the new – with a record-setting month of terrific journalism, out-in-front insights and reporting on big stories from Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution to Egypt’s ongoing turmoil, and a very web-friendly 40th anniversary special edition of our print magazine. January was not just our best month ever, it was in a big way – from hitting 2 million unique monthly visitors for the first time to racking up 13.4 million pageviews. What does that mean? The audience for all this coverage has grown. A lot. Like 1300%. When we started out two years ago, FP had under a million pageviews a month and a few hundred thousand unique visitors; a year ago, we hit 6 million pageviews for the first time and 1.1 million visitors… As importantly, the range and ambition of our magazine has grown exponentially as well; just look at the aggressive coverage we are publishing each day on the Middle East’s month of turmoil, starting with blogger Marc Lynch’s prescient Jan. 5 post – “The wages of Arab decay” – to conversation-shaping debates by leading experts on how the U.S. should respond to definitive pieces, reported dispatches, and powerful photography (not to mention all those great tweets from Blake, Marc et al.!). When we started out a couple years ago, we used to joke that our slogan should be: FP. Because the world is not a boring place… Two years in, we’re proud to have that as a real mantra guiding our magazine every day. Congratulations to everyone on an amazing group effort!


Susan Glasser

Editor | Foreign Policy