Foreign language titles top this week’s list of emerging Facebook games

IGG’s Chinese-language role-playing game 泰坦戰爭-首款3D大型網遊,全新引擎,史詩大作,超震撼視覺感受,遊覽眾古文明! (“Titan war – the first 3D large-scale online games, new engine, epic masterpiece, super stunning visual feelings, to visit all the ancient civilizations!”) took the No. 1 spot on our list of emerging Facebook games with 20,000 new monthly active users for a 50 percent gain.

Spanish-language pet sim ¿Qué piensas acerca de mí? (“What do you think about me?”) debuted this week and secured the No. 2 spot with 20,000 MAU. The tie-in for Syfy’s popular show Being Human appears on the list at No. 3 for the third week in a row, up by 10,000 MAU for a 13 percent gain. Playdemand’s Jewel Story appears in the No. 4 position with 10,000 MAU for a 50 percent increase. Royal Social Group’s Royal Poker Palace rounds out the top five games on the list with 10,000 MAU, a 17 percent gain.

Two other games had gains greater than 100 percent. Hokm’s eponymous card game Hokm was up by 10,000 MAU for a 100 percent increase, while Runaway’s butterfly sim Flutter was also up by 10,000 MAU for a 100 percent growth.

Due to a classification error on our AppData traffic-tracking service, Playdemand’s Diner Life didn’t appear on our emerging games list during the past few weeks. The error was corrected this week, but Diner Life managed to gain enough users that it moved past 100,000 MAU and off our list. If traffic continues to improve, it will likely start appearing on our list of fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU.

1. 泰坦戰爭-首款3D大型網遊,全新引擎,史詩大作,超震撼視覺感受,遊覽眾古文明!★★★★★60,000+20,000+ 50%
2. ¿Qué piensas acerca de mí?20,000+20,000N/A
3. Being Human90,000+10,000+ 13%
4. Jewel Story30,000+10,000+ 50%
5. Royal Poker Palace70,000+10,000+ 17%
6. City Wars60,000+10,000+ 20%
7. iMobsters90,000+10,000+ 13%
8. 8 Ball Quick Fire Pool60,000+10,000+ 20%
9. Market Street50,000+10,000+ 25%
10. Hokm20,000+10,000+ 100%
11. Jewels Rock90,000+10,000+ 13%
12. EcoCity30,000+10,000+ 50%
13. 9 Ball Quick Fire Pool30,000+10,000+ 50%
14. Flutter20,000+10,000+ 100%
15. 大老二一新王牌大老二 免費撲克遊戲60,000+10,000+ 20%
16. แฮปปี้ฟาร์ม40,000+10,000+ 33%
17. Zuma – Zumaville40,000+10,000+ 33%
18. Tiki Resort40,000+10,000+ 33%
19. Charadium30,000+10,000+ 50%
20. 開心農場80,000+10,000+ 14%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.