Foreign Journalists Reportedly Being Used As Human Shields By Pro-Qaddafi Forces

Earlier today we reported the good news that the four New York Times journalists who were captured in Libya were released into safety, complete with a photo of them taken in the haven of the Turkish embassy.

But the good news didn’t last long. At least 13 other journalists are still missing in Libya, including reporters from Agence France Presse and Al Jazeera. To make matters more severe, Fox News is reporting that Qaddafi‘s regime brought reporters from Reuters and CNN to his compound in Tripoli Sunday night “to effectively use them as human shields.”

After British forces fired two missiles at the compound, the Libyan Ministry of Information went to the hotel where most of the journalists were staying and asked them to come and see the damage, purportedly to show them that Qaddafi and his compound had been targeted, although no one was seriously harmed in the missile attack. Some of the journalists obliged.

However, Jennifer Griffin at Fox News reports that the real purpose behind the invitation was actually to use these journalists to prevent further attack on the compound. Indeed, British forces confirmed to Fox News that they were set to strike the compound again, but the mission was cut short when they learned of the presence of foreign journalists in the area.

CNN video on the attack after the jump.