Foreign Apps and Valentines on This Week’s Top 20 Emerging List

New applications from around the globe and a non-Zynga attempt at a Farmville gifting app brings in players on this week’s top 20 emerging list for the week ending January 7. The emerging list is a way to spot rapid growth in titles that ended the week with below 1 million monthly active users.

2010’s first app to go from zero to first on the top 20 emerging list is FarmVille Gift Sender. According to AppData, the Farmville “add-on” (it’s a separate app) shot from nothing to reach more than half a million people in its first week. This isn’t surprising considering Farmville‘s 30 million plus daily active users who presumably make up most of the app’s audience. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Zynga get this app shut down shortly due to its intellectual property issues.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. FarmVille Gift Sender 504,499 +455,155 +90.22
2. Garden World 438,570 +433,115 +98.76
3. Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009! 460,090 +202,415 +43.99
4. Will you be my valentine? 394,672 +187,112 +47.41
5. My Town 320,996 +176,592 +55.01
6. Yılbaşı Kartları 259,136 +163,923 +63.26
7. zelim ti.. 262,980 +143,178 +54.44
8. Who Has The Best Profile Picture ? 192,030 +130,451 +67.93
9. Travel Balloon 889,498 +127,313 +14.31
10. Bite Me 510,929 +124,920 +24.45
11. 快打之王 728,072 +122,745 +16.86
12. Poll Daddy Polls 274,976 +120,725 +43.90
13. New Year Wish! 228,531 +117,014 +51.20
14. Chinese New Year Gift – 新春禮物 128,234 +104,393 +81.41
15. 歡樂癲地 Funland 587,289 +94,413 +16.08
16. Warstorm 313,678 +92,698 +29.55
17. I Love Chocolate 449,577 +92,119 +20.49
18. Happy New Year! 107,286 +89,707 +83.61
19. 傾城 Online 166,927 +89,381 +53.54
20. Birthday Greeting Cards 597,641 +87,121 +14.58

Garden World is Tall Tree Game’s flower-growing app, and a game that has been live since last year. This week sees a restart for the app with the ability to see neighbors/friends gardens adding to a new overall total. That addition has boosted the app to have the highest gaining percentage of any app on the list with 99 percent this week, or 433,000 new players.

Users must have been inspired by the confident name, because Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009! is in the top five two weeks in a row. The app moves up one spot to third and has a MAU of 460,000 players.

Perhaps speaking too soon about seasonal apps, Will you be my valentine? makes a strong showing with 47 percent an MAU of 395,000 and over a month to gain users before Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The app is benefiting from a strong showing last year and it will be interesting to see if any new titles are released this month to capitalize on the season the same way developers did for Christmas.

Foreign language apps appear to be coming in to their own with regular appearances on all top 20 gaining lists. Six foreign language apps make up this weeks top 20. Four are Chinese-language apps: 快打之王, Chinese New Year Gift – 新春禮物歡樂癲地 Funland and 傾城 Online.

Chinese New Year Gift – 新春禮物 gained the most users from last week, making its first appearance on the list at 14 with 128,000 MAU and rising 81 percent this week. Meanwhile 快打之王 (“King of Kombat”) fell the most spots this week of any app, eight spots from last week where it ranked third overall.

Yılbaşı Kartları (“Christmas Cards”) is in its second week on the list and is the first Turkish app on a top 20 list. Turkey typically trades gifts around New Years which explains the Christmas theme, but its still a large number for any Turkish app.

zelim ti.. (“I want you ..”) is another small language app making its first appearance on the list. The app received a 54 percent increase for a seventh place spot on the list, its first appearance on the emerging list and probably the first Serbian language app on a top 20 as well.

Travel Balloon has the highest MAU this week and should break through the emerging lists restrictions once again to top 1 million MAU next week as long as its growth stay consistent. It will be joining last weeks title Ma Fiche which broke 1 million users this week.

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