A Real PR Stretch: Ford Names 20 ‘Cool’ Places to Charge Your Electric Car

Since perception in LA is everything, FishbowlLA imagines that some readers will adjust their EV habits so as to be seen at one of the three area locations included on Ford’s list of the 20 Cool Places to Charge Your Electric Vehicle. But not us.

We don’t care that Ford thinks it’s niftier to juice back up at the LA Convention Center, Fashion Island in Newport Beach or the Malibu Country Mart. No, as long as the contraption works, we’re fine if it’s at the back of a Boyle Heights 7/11, next to the broken restroom. Per the release:

Each [top 20] location was evaluated based on a variety of factors including proximity to a view or landmark or dining and shopping opportunities. Ford is tracking more than 3,000 public charge stations in 2011, and expects that figure to quadruple by the end of 2013, indicating that this is an exciting and dynamic time for electric vehicle infrastructure.

If we had more time, we might try to get some reaction from Ed Begley Jr. about the fact that none of the three designated LA outposts are anywhere near his Studio City digs. We kid Ford, but manager of sustainable business strategies Jeanette Clute definitely gets points for engineering a c(l)ute way to highlight the Focus Electric.