“Forceville”: Skywalker’s puberty coming to the small screen

Just when you thought the Force was no longer with us, Rick McCallum gives a lengthy interview today to BBC Radio 1, in which he reveals several nuggets worthy of your attention.

For one, George Lucas’s longtime producer reveals that some 100 episodes of “Star Wars” are coming (Relax! Breathe! It’s O-K: We were about to say, “for TV!”) – for TV.

We assume the show would essentially do for Luke Skywalker what “Smallville” does for Clark Kent.

Per the BBC,

“The series will be set between episodes three (“Revenge of the Sith”) and four (“A New Hope”) of the film saga. It would cover the 20 years in the life of Luke Skywalker growing up that remains a mystery to most film-goers.”

Probably, those two decades should remain a mystery, if the flacid, pimped-out “Young Indiana Jones” TV series was any indication.

Moreover, there’s the issue of dramatic tension, or the lack of it, with Luke’s early years. Keep in mind, Luke split Tatooine because it was a bone-dry Squaresville pulsing only with the numbing thrum of moisture ‘vaporators. (God, did we just say that? I am such a loser.)

Of course, if the TV “Star Wars” were to explore the amusing side of male adolescent maturation, like Luke using The Force to score with chicks? )Well, then, we’d be totally on-board. Imagine…

Luke: “He’s not the guy you’re looking for.”

Chick: “He’s not the guy I’m looking for.

Luke: “You want to get in the back seat of my Landspeeder, and dump that loser, Biggs.

Chick: “I want to get in the back of your Landspeeder, and dump that loser, Biggs.

In other news, Lucas has “just completed writing the script for the next ‘Indiana Jones,’ film and will then begin work on ‘Red Tails,’ about African-American pilots in World War II.”

Memo to James Cameron: See? Moving on isn’t so tough. George is making a movie about something other than “Star Wars,” maybe it’s time to acknowledge that the ship has sailed and follow along?