, Cisco Roll Out AnswerNetwork has partnered with Cisco to roll out a social networking platform of its own, this one geared for CEO types looking to connect and exchange information.

Dubbed the AnswerNetwork,’s play in the popular social media space is less about being social and more about serving as a means for serious-minded business professionals to share information. The new platform, built using partner Cisco’s technology, will also serve as a reference tool for those interested in learning more about specific business verticals, according to Forbes.

Users can ask specific questions, which will be routed to qualified AnswerNetwork members based on their stated expertise (members can fill out an anonymous profile). The network also offers live customer support for users.

“The AnswerNetwork provides senior business decision-makers with access to the knowledge base of potentially millions of business professionals who possess a collective expertise in a broad range of categories,” said president and CEO Jim Spanfeller.

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