Forbes Profile Of Quaint New England Inns Bathed In Bloody Irony


Via’s “Great New England Inns“:

The latest amenities in top-tier hospitality? Acres of private farmland, home-cooked breakfasts and fresh air. But you won’t find any of them at big urban luxury hotels. Instead, these attractions are the domain of a new breed of very high-class New England inns, converted country houses and B&Bs. Once, these homey hotels — often just private homes with a “Vacancy” shingle hung outside — were known for their ruffled bedspreads, creaky floors and overbearing owners who cornered you at breakfast. But as the luxury travel industry becomes more and more competitive, smaller properties are piling on the high-class amenities and adding Jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces, French toiletries and world-class restaurants and spas.

AP via CNN:

Fresh start ends in a bloodbath at quaint Maine inn

NEWRY, Maine (AP) — Julie Bullard and her daughter tried to put tragedy behind them when they moved from California to Maine to run a bed and breakfast. It was to be a fresh start after her daughter’s husband died in a car accident. Now, both are dead, and a guest in the inn was charged Tuesday with killing them and two others in Maine’s biggest homicide case in more than a decade.

As an e-mailer writes, “talk about some bloody horrific timing.”