Forbes Names Johnny Depp ‘Most Overpaid Actor’

Sounds about right.

Forbes has named Johnny Depp the most overpaid actor of the year. If you’ve seen any of Depp’s films in the last year (you probably haven’t!) you understand why.

Here’s how Forbes came up with the list:

We look at the last three films each actor starred in before June 2015 (the end of our Celebrity 100 scoring period). We don’t include animated films, movies where the actor appears in a very small role, or movies that were released on fewer than 2,000 screens. We then deduct the estimated production budget from the global box office for each film (using numbers from Box Office Mojo and other sources) to come up with a limited definition of each movie’s operating income. We add together the estimated total compensation for each star on the three movies and the operating income from each movie and then divide to come up with the final return on investment number.

Depp returned only $1.20 for every $1 he earned in 2015. That’s awful. He was easily worse than the other top/bottom five, which includes Denzel Washington ($6.50 for every $1 paid), Will Ferrell ($6.80), Liam Neeson ($7.20) and Will Smith ($8.60).