Forbes Media Chief Product Officer Lewis DVorkin Discusses AdVoice Paid Blogging Initiative

ForbesMediaLogo.jpgFormer True/Slant CEO Lewis DVorkin, who rejoined Forbes Media as chief product officer when Forbes acquired TrueSlant in May, discussed new paid blogging initiative AdVoice with

As part of AdVoice, advocacy groups and corporations can post blogs under the Forbes banner alongside those written by the media company’s journalists, with Forbes charging on a flat-fee basis, encouraging the development of more engaging content, and non-editorial Forbes staffers providing consulting services, reported.

DVorkin told

In this case, the marketer or advertiser is part of the Forbes environment, the news environment. For the last however many decades of traditional media, you’re a reader, so your stuff can only go here. You’re an advertiser, so stuff can only go here. And our stuff? It goes right here. But there’s a flow of content that’s contextual. Anything can appear in any place as long as it’s contextual — that’s the Web, and we are bringing that sensibility to the magazine.

Marketers need to reach the audience. This is where publishing is headed.

Forbes chief revenue officer Kevin Gentzel added:

We feel in a very transparent and clearly labeled manner that these voices can commingle under the Forbes brand umbrella to provide a rich experience for our users. If an auto manufacturer is in the midst of a new car launch and has a great story behind the creation of a high-performing engine, they should be able to tell it and to stream into our tech topic flow, or automotive topic flow, as long as it’s clearly labeled.