From the Half Moon Bay Review to Forbes

Last week, Erin Carlyle settled into a new job with Forbes in New York. Her column tagline sums up her beat succinctly. It reads: ‘I cover wealth. Billionaires, specifically.’ (More specifically, Latin American and Iberian billionaires.)

It’s a long way from the Half Moon Bay Review, a northern California community newspaper where Carlyle began her journalism career before moving on to the Santa Maria Times, the Orange County Register (briefly) and City Pages in Minneapolis. David Brauer, media reporter for the MinnPost, has a nice piece today about her latest and somewhat unlikely transition. He wondered how a reporter with no formal business writing experience could land such a choice and occasionally jet-setting gig:

“I think a lot of my skills ended up applying,” Carlyle replies. “The Spanish-language skills, good basic reporting skills. I took business writing at Columbia and got honors in the course. Business reporting is still reporting, and I’d done a lot of document reporting at City Pages.”

The official name of Carlyle’s Forbes blog is “Strike It Rich.” In journalism terms, this California native has most certainly done so.