A Newspaper Man Survives, With His Sense of Humor Intact

Bill Moss operates his Hendersonville, N.C. weekly from 'The Trailer of Truth.'

BillMossTwitterPicBill Moss (pictured) earned his journalism degree the year All The President’s Men was released. Four decades later, in the shadow of an equally acclaimed newspaper heroics true story headed for a Best Picture nomination, the 61-year-old is earning his own well-deserved spotlight from Forbes.

From 1998 to 2010, Moss worked for the New York Times Regional Newspaper Group, editing North Carolina’s Hendersonville Times News. After being laid off and consulting for a few years, Moss started his own weekly newspaper, the Hendersonville Lightning, which now competes profitably with the aforementioned Times News. From Zack O’Malley Greenburg’s Forbes piece:

“I would come home on weekends, and people would say, ‘Bill, you’ve got to do something about the news.’ ‘Do what about the news?’” he recalls saying. “‘Have a wreck on the highway? Commit a triple ax murder?’”

The first issue of the Henderson Lightning, printed in May 2012, ran 40 pages. The latest, at the time of Greenburg’s interview, sported 88 pages. Circulation for the 75 cent weekly is currently around 2,000.

Moss has got a couple of other fun zingers in the piece; read the rest here.

[Photo via: @HVLLightning]